Special Recommendation

Jiufen Old Street 

- Located in New Taipei City.

Jiufen, a city with multiple historical sign. it is also an old mountain village in New Taipei City. To many foreign tourists, they think Jiufen is the best old street in all of Taiwan. It combines authentic Taiwanese food, sloping steps, traditional Chinese architecture. The entire village is built on a mountain slope, so that you can enjoy views of Taiwan's north coast from basically anywhere in the city. 


Shilin Night Market

- Located in Taipei City .

The Shilin Night Market in Taipei is one of the largest, most popular night markets in Taiwan with regard to food, and also one of the most popular points of Taipei's night life among visitors. Located in Taipei’s Shilin District, a mere 70 metres from MRT Jiantan Station. The maze of alleyways is filled with a variety of local, traditional, and international merchandise that attracts locals and foreigners alike.


Taipei 101

- Located in Taipei City.

Taipei 101, an icon of Taipei, formerly known as the Taipei World Financial Center, is a Supertall skyscraper in TaipeiTaiwan. This building was officially classified as the world's tallest from its opening in 2004 until the 2010 completion of the Burj Khalifa in DubaiUAE.

Its elevators, capable of traveling 60.6 km/h and used to transport passengers from the 5th to 89th floor in 37 seconds. In 2011 Taipei 101 received a Platinum rating under the LEED certification system to become the tallest and largest green building in the world. 


Yehliu Geopark

- Located in New Taipei City .

Yehliu is a cape of about 1,700 meters long formed by Datun Mountain reaching into the sea. Because the rock layer of seashore contains sandstone of limestone texture and it is subject to sea erosion, weathering and earth movements, there is particular scenery consisting of sea trenches/holes, candle shaped rocks, and pot shaped rocks. The place is suitable for geological study and field research. 



- Located in Taipei City and New Taipei City.

Yangmingshan National Park is one of the nine national parks in Taiwan, located between Taipei and New Taipei City. The National Park is famous for its cherry blossoms, hot springs, sulfur deposits, fumaroles, venomous snakes, and hiking trails, including Taiwan's tallest dormant volcano, Seven Star Mountain. Visits can see different colors in 4 seasons. 

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National Palace Museum

- Located in Taipei City .

The National Palace Museum houses the world's largest collection of priceless Chinese art treasures, one which spans China's nearly 5,000-year history. Most of the museum's over 600,000 art objects were part of the Chinese imperial collection, which began over 1,000 years ago in the early Song dynasty.


More amazing in Taiwan!


The fruit similar to a grapefruit but larger and 

sweeter, with pale green or

 yellow thick skin and white   flesh.



Stinky tofu

It is a Chinese form of fermented tofu that has a strong odor. It is usually sold at night markets or roadside stands as a snack. 



Century egg

Top 10 disgusting food.

Chinese preserved food product and delicacy made by preserving duckchicken or quail eggs in a mixture of clayashsalt quicklime, and rice hulls for several weeks to several months, even years,



Sugar apple

The flesh is fragrant and sweet, creamy white through light yellow, and resembles and tastes like custard. It is soft, slightly grainy, and slippery. The hard, shiny seeds may number 20–40 or more per fruit and have a brown to black coat.