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Date : Jan 06, 2021
New arrival of  equipment

For meet customers' demand, Hung Shuh is investing more equipment from Germany and Japan. Will increase productivity and shorten lead time for our clients.


Date : Oct 15, 2021
New look for innovation

The new design box of HS cutting rule, symbolizes sharpness,  strength, and toughness. Combine with the latest HS cutting rules, will be a breath of fresh air to all of our users.

clear box3.jpg

Date : Jul 23, 2021
PK Creasing Rule - for plastic film

HS PK creasing rule is made for better folding performance to plastic material. 


Date : MAR 31, 2021  
Steel prices hit all-time high

Vast steelmaking capacity idled during the heights of the pandemic of COVID-19 could not be brought online quickly enough to meet recovering steel demand and restocking, leading to the rapid rise in prices. Please check price and availability before ordering.



Date : Dec 09, 2020  
Crisis of container shortage

The freight marketplace is experiencing an unusual hitch – a shortage of shipping containers. Global shipping prices have been on the rise since the third quarter of this year.       

Schedule the shipments AEAP or keep close contact with HS sales representative to avoid delay in delivery.



Date : Apr 20, 2020  

Pray for the world.

In 2020, a grievous year. All humans live under the horrible attack of COVID-19.Taiwan had the experience of fight for SARS in 2003 so quickly get rid of the virus.

Hung Shuh supported masks to our clients who needs help.  In this moment, we are not only a reliable supplier, also your family to get through the hard time together.



Date : Apr 01, 2020

Cancellation of All in Print China 2020

Hung Shuh canceled the participation of  " All in Print China 2020" due to COVID-19. 

For more product information, please follow us or contact our sales representative. 

See you in 2022.