Application Range

The hardened and tempered steel strips have been already applying broadly in many fields, such as automobile parts, motorcycle parts, electric product parts, textile machine, office machine parts, knife, saw, hand tools, watch, instruments, toys, spring, cutting rule and other various kinds of products. Below are some of the products.

  • Plane blades
  • Blades
  • Wood saw blades

  • Band saw blades
  • Hacksaw blades
  • Cutter blades

  • Metal saw blades
  • Razor blades
  • Circular saw blades

  • Trowels/ putty knife Scrappers
  • Lawn-Mower cutters
  • Cog Wheel
  • Weaver-comb
  • Chains
  • Piston strip rings
  • Auto parts

  • Steel rule
  • Links
  • Hair clasp
  • Coil springs
  • Plate springs
  • Tape measures
  • Coupling disc
  • Stationery

  • Spindle
  • Lever
  • Textile needles
  • Clutch plates
  • Office machine parts
  • PC accessories
  • Electrical appliance
  • Golf club
steel strip application

Please refer to following application list for steel grades:

Carbon Steels for machine structural use
Specification Application
- SAE1020 Positioner
S35CM - Friction plate Office/stationary supplies
S45CM - Spacer Positioner Chain Clutch
S50CM - Safety buckle Spacer Clutch Spring Chain
S55CM - Camera parts cutting rule Can opener safety shoe top Spring
S60CM - Spacer Office/stationary supplies Spring steel toe protection Hand saw Chain
S65CM - Spacer Spring Clutch safety shoe top
S70CM - Spring Office/stationary supplies Hand saw Spacer
S75CM - Spring Spacer Clutch
Carbon tool steel
Specification Application
SK85M - Circular Saw Office/stationary supplies Band/hand saw Clutch Tape measure needle knives Spring Winder
SK4M - needle knives Spring Tape measure Winder    
Alloy tool Steels 
Specification Application
SKS5M - knives Circular Saw Band/hand saw          
SKS51M - knives Circular Saw Band/hand saw          
Cr-Mo Steels
Specification Application
SCM415M - chain saw Office/stationary supplies            
SCM420M - chain saw Office/stationary supplies            
SCM430M - chain saw Office/stationary supplies            
SCM435M - chain saw Office/stationary supplies            
SCM440M - chain saw Office/stationary supplies            
Cr Steel
Specification Application
SCr420M   Vehicle parts