A Nice Rule
With 40 years rule producing experiences, Hung Shuh does know how to make outstanding steel cutting rules. A qualified rule must have following features:

1.Only Use Best Raw Material
Best products only come from best raw materials. Hung Shuh insists to use the first level steel strips provided by the Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd from Japan to assure our customers receive only best products.

2.Excellent and stable quality
Our devoted and experienced QC Center, equipped with the most advanced examine machines, follows the most demanding Germany Cutting Rule Manufacturing Standards to do quality monitoring. Only the best rules can be delivered to our customers.

3.Competitive Prices
By controlling the whole manufacturing process (from material importing to rules packing) and developing new techniques, Hung Shuh can continually lower down our costs, therefore we can always offer our customers the most competitive prices.

4.Full Customization Capability
Every market differs. Hung Shuh provides full customization services to meet customers’ specific needs. Bevel shape/angel, hardness, sizes, all parameters can be customized.

5.Best Delivery
Hung Shuh has a professional warehouse, which is near 3,000 square meters, with rich stock of finished/semi-finished products to ensure our customers can get what they need at the very first moment.