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SuperGround Series
Naturally born for cutting all types of plastics (PE, PV, PP..)

Unbeatable Sharpness
The absolute sharpness came from German made grounding machine that is equivalent to razor blade technology.  The precision polish process ensured the end-result of neat cutting incision that effectively controlled the amount of dust/angel hair generated

Remarkable bendability and life time
The chemistry between NSSMC Japanese steel and Austria made EBNER heat treatment furnace play important role of presenting superior hardness and durability of high grade carbon steel. 
It is also the key formulate for unbeatable sharpness, outstanding bendability at small angle, supreme lifetime at its finest performance. 

Variety of specification for various type of die cutting demand
To adapt various hardness and thickness of plastics, Super Ground Series presenting in CB/LCB bevel form, bevel angle, various hardness combination of body and bevel-edge.