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Have you ever seen the huge wood saw? 
Unfolded length: 80.5", blade length:39.4" (1000mm).  
It was made in a famous Japanese company with the function of portable and light-wight. The wood saw does not make any disturbing sound and pollution. Easily sawing tree trunks of at least 50 cm. Strong and tough blade! 
The blade material comes from Hung Shuh.
We have the capacity to offer steel that meet customers' needs. The Japanese-brand wood saw won a high reputation and has sold in the worldwide market. Hung Shuh is not only a material provider, also offers the solution to your new proposals.
Steel Application

​Cutting Tools

- Circular saw blade

- Metal saw blade

- Cutter blade

- Razor blades


Cutting Tools

- Wood saw blade

- Hacksaw blade

- Plane blade

- Band saw blade


Wear-resistant parts

- Trowels / Putty knife Scrappers

- Lawn-Mower cutter

- Cog Wheel

- Weaver-comb

- Chains

- Piston strip rings

- Auto parts


Elastic parts

- Steel rule

- Links

- Hair clasp

- Coil springs

- Plate spring

- Tape measures

- Coupling disc

- Stationery


Multifarious parts

- Spindle

- Lever

- Textile needles

- Clutch plates

- Office machine parts

- PC accessories

- Electrical appliance

- Golf club