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your  need. 

Top grade material from Japan

50-years experience in world-wide market

Best equipments plus unlimited thinking

Rules Profile

━ Fantastic bendability.

━ Precision meets customers’ needs.

━ Long-life press work.

━ High cost efficiency.

━ Significantly reducing cutting force.

━ Reduce dusting and angel hair.

━ Offer clear and precise cut.

━ Suitable for hard or elasticity material.

━ Designed for tough objects.

━ Extremely sharp and extra-hard cutting

     edge, applying for all materials.

━ Significantly reducing friction and

     cutting force.

━ Tiny round-edge design, offering over

    1.5 million cuts.

━ Long-lasting performance.

━ Saving time and cost from replacing rule.

━ Available from 16 ~ 50mm.

━ smooth surface from top to body.

━ Precise profile.

Body & Edge Hardened

Non-edge hardened
For type A, B only
Body hardened
Body hardened
Edge hardened

About our rule

Angle ∠30, ∠42 & ∠52
Hardened edge from HV530~ HV700

Standard body hardness from 


Decarbonized body improves the bending ability.
Standard type of easy-fitting base.
※ Available for customization.

Innovation empowers the future.

With 50 years' experience, Hung Shuh always plays the role of a reliable partner for all die makers in the world. We never stop innovation only for customers' satisfaction. 

Better than the best!

Email: sales@hung-shuh.com.tw

Phone: + 886-3-326-2277

Fax :    + 886-3-326-2292