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Hung Shuh certificated ISO9000
Hung Shuh has officially received the ISO 9001 certificate on 28th Apr. 2014.

In order to provide customers even better services and products, Hung Shuh initiated the ISO project in late 2013. Actually, Hung Shuh has been adopting the concept of ISO 9001 and using the ISO 4 levels document to manage all production processes for a long period. So this time, we just asked a detached organization to audit what we already do. Therefore we only spent 4, 5 months for preparation and successfully get the certificate which issued by the UKAS on 28th Apr. You can access the web site http://www.globalgroup.net/certification/certification-check/ to find our certificate (the Registration Number is 20Q15990).

Pursuing the best service and quality is the common goal for all Hung Shuh people and to get ISO certificate is just one of our many efforts. I believe you would see our continual improvements and hope you would give us your supports as always.